Membership in the Wyandotte County Bar Association is essential for attorneys practicing in Wyandotte County. It allows members to network with their peers, including state and federal judges, while also providing key updates to updates and postings within the Wyandotte District and Municipal Courts.

1.  Review the ELIGIBILITY section below.
2.  Download and complete the membership application found in our Membership documents area.

3.  Mail / Deliver your completed application to:

Wyandotte County Bar Association
710 N. 7th Street
Suite 500
Kansas City, KS.  66101



Article III of the Constitution and Section 7 of the Bylaws address membership eligibility and are included below.  (You can read the full Constitution / Bylaws by visiting our Membership documents area.)


1.  Eligibility.  Any lawyer residing in Kansas who is a member of the bar of this state in good standing, may become a member of this Association upon application and payment of dues.  All members of the Association in good standing as of January 1983 shall have continuing membership upon the payment of dues herein provided.

2.  Classes of Membership.  The by-laws my provide for classes of membership.

3.  Termination of Membership.  Membership may be terminated by resignation, by non-payment of dues, or by expulsion by a three-fourths vote of the Board of Governors or the members present at a meeting called for the purpose of considering the matter.  There shall be opportunity for a hearing before a vote to expel is taken, and expulsion by the Board of Governors my be appealed to the membership.


7.  Classification of Membership:  Memberships in this Association shall be of three classes:  active, honorary and life.

a.     ACTIVE MEMBERS – Members of the judiciary and attorneys admitted to the practice of law in the State of Kansas or elsewhere and who are engaged in the legal or judicial profession in Wyandotte County, Kansas, shall be eligible for active membership with voting privileges.

b.     STUDENT MEMBERS – Any person currently enrolled in law school and pursuing a J.D. degree or someone who has been granted a J.D. degree and has taken a bar exam within 12 months of becoming eligible to take a bar exam, shall be eligible for membership as a Student (non-active, non-voting) Member until bar examination results are received.

c.     HONORARY MEMBERS – Any person chosen by the Board of Governors may be eligible for Honorary Membership (non-active, non-voting) upon such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Board of Governors.

d.     LIFE MEMBERS – Any active member of the Association, age 70 or over, and all Federal Judges in the District of Kansas, shall be eligible for Life Membership (active, voting) in the Association, upon such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Board of Governors.

e.     INACTIVE STATUS MEMBERS – Any active member of the Association who has voluntarily taken inactive status with the Kansas Supreme Court and is no longer actively engaged in the practice of law shall be eligible for Inactive Status Membership (non-active, non-voting).